Safety comes first at Foursquare Builders

February 8, 2012

Foursquare Builders safety culture is all about quality.  Our written safety & health program starts with a strong vision statement that demonstrates our desire to protect all persons that enter our job sites and to avoid construction site failures that cause losses of any kind.  This is followed by our mission statement, which is to complete each job right (quality), the first time (no rework), without losses (no incidents).  We go beyond safety compliance and have constructed a “best practice” approach by making safety a part of everything that we do.

 Our “0” loss history verifies our support, involvement, and dedication to safety excellence.  Furthermore, Foursquare Builders recognition as National 2011 Custom Builder Safety Program of the Year, 2011 Austin Custom Builder of the Year and 2011 Texas Custom Builder of the Year, plus other awards/recognition testifies to the professionalism of all our employees and speaks highly of our ability to select and manage contractors.

 Some key quality concepts of our safety culture are:

  • Safety performance is focused on being “proactive” instead of “reactive”. One example of this is our aggressive review of near misses, a part of our formal Accident or Near Miss Investigation Form.
  • Our written safety program has specific accountability activities for all management personnel.  The NAHB Home Builders Safety Program was used as a model for our written safety program and we adopted the NAHB Jobsite Safety Handbook as an addendum.
  • Third party professional training is provided to Project Managers.  They receive certification as “Safety Coaches”, plus CPR, 1st Aid, AED, and emergency management coordination.
  • All meetings at Foursquare Builders include safety discussions and lessons learned.
  • Project Managers present short training topics at weekly meetings in an effort to stay current with safety issues.
  • Specific safety requirements are a part of all written contracts with contractors, and all are given a copy of the NAHB “Jobsite Safety Handbook” as a reference and addition to their own safety program, if needed.
  • Our safety process is routinely reviewed and audited by an outside consultant.

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